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The ReturnCX Value Principle

What does ReturnCX mean?

It means a lot to our dealer partners.  And it means a lot to us.

It’s more than Return on Investment.  It’s more than tools and a platform to help transform and improve the customer experience. And it’s more than getting the repeat customer and a referral.   Much more.

ReturnCX and our philosophy touches everyone in the value creation process – the customer, sales, F&I, service, dealer principals and even other vendors.  We all have a stake, role and responsibility in helping both the buyer and seller get what they need, expect and deserve from a transaction.

The ReturnCX Value Principle

ROV (Return on Value)

ROV (Return on Value) is the amount of Value Built In (VBI) that an organization gains as a result of continuous investment in  people, customer service delivery and technology. It’s consistent delivery of a service you can trust. It’s connecting you to our network of experts to help solve other problems.  It’s analysis of your first party data and making it actionable.

ROR (Return on Relationships)

ROR (Return on Relationships) is the value an organization gains by knowing and trusting that it’s partners have it’s best interests in mind – all the time.  The bottom line should always be the relationship, not a dollar value.   If you have solid ROR, profitability follows for all parties.

ROL (Return on Learning)

ROL (Return on Learning or ROE – Return on Experience) is the value an organization gains over time by working with people and partners that are behind the desk with you, for the long haul.  Everyone learns and grows together.  Customer, staff and vendor churn are expensive.  Getting a good ROE is vital for every organization.

ROD (Return on Data)

ROD (Return on Data) is the value derived from the information you already have and collect every day.  But data is only valuable if you can turn it into information and action it.  Some data helps drive a quality customer experience.  Some data is monetizable.  Other data helps you make better marketing decisions to optimize your spend.  We help you do all of this.

ROP (Return on People)

ROP (Return on People) is the value an organization gains by empowering people to excel and succeed.  When you provide people with information, tools and the support they need to grow in their personal lives, they deliver value to the organization beyond profits that is immeasurable:  outstanding customer service,  loyalty, harmonious inter-office relationships, comradery and more.  Customers sense this and like being around it and return to it.

If you value the same things we do