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Dealers are making record profits, but heading into an uncertain future.  They need to know for sure they’re not missing any sales.

We’ve solved what every dealer wants but struggles to get:
High margin, fast closing, no competition, low-cost referral sales.


And you only pay for closed deals.

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Introducing your dealership’s custom, private label
Friends & Family Rewards Program®

The world’s first programmatic, data-enabled, performance-based, advocacy and word-of-mouth platform.
We deliver referrals that are ready to buy.
Only pay for completed sales, never for leads.

Powered by ReturnCX™

Make your month. Easier, faster and more profitable. Every month.


close rate

and close faster


of sales

every month


more gross

every month


happy referrals

and counting

$3 billion

in vehicle sales

otherwise missed

$200 million

in operating profit

straight to bottom line

9.2 X



*All dealers, average dealer results over 10 years. Average additional monthly gross of $40,000 based on dealers selling 1,500 vehicles per year.

*ROI based on $3,300 Avg Gross per vehicle (NADA, June 2021, new and used aggregate estimate).

the sales you’re missing.


The re-invention of
referral marketing.

Sell once. Profit twice.

The Power of First Party Data, Behavioral Science & Predictive Modelling

Some people are hard-wired to be your best advocates. We’ve mined over 10 years of referral data and can predict not only who will buy, but who will make a referral that *also* buys.

Sell once. Profit twice.

Scale, amplify and monetize the voice of your customer

You’ve spent millions on people, training, process, technology, marketing and modernizing your dealership.  Why?  All in the name of creating an exceptional customer experience. Millions invested to create happy customers.

It’s time to monetize the investment you’ve made in your customer and create conversations that turn into sales.

Let them be the hero in your story

Are you leveraging the most important salesperson at the dealership – your just sold customer? We know how to deputize them to deliver another high margin sale, better retention and higher CLTV.

This is word-of-mouth marketing and social influence at its best.

And you know it works. You’ve always done well with referrals, but now there’s a new way. A better way.

When was the last time you modernized your referral technology, leveraged your first party data and behavioral science to delight customers and sell more cars?

Now add a global pandemic, an inventory shortage, electrification, digital retailing and direct-to-consumer selling. What will happen to margins and profitability when the new normal sets in?

Future-proof your dealership today.

Your custom branded, private label referral program is your local competitive advantage!

We deliver buyers, not leads

And you only pay for closed deals

This is The Friends & Family Rewards Program® – automotive’s most successful, performance-based, zero risk, revenue growth system.  There are no set-up fees, no monthly platform fees and no other hidden fees.  If our program doesn’t deliver low cost, high margin sales, you don’t pay anything.  Promise.

We make getting referrals easy

Successful dealers know that the just sold customer is the fastest, most cost-effective route to the next sale. Yet sales staff loath asking for a referral and customers hate being asked. The Friends & Family Rewards Program®, powered by ReturnCX™ takes the pain out of the ask and makes it easy for the buyer to say yes. And we automate just about everything. Even follow-up and follow through – consistently and highly personalized. Total effort involved is 1 minute per vehicle sold.

It’s so easy and successful, we’ve paid out over $15 million in rewards to over 100,000 happy buyers that keep making referrals.

The Power of Branded Rewards

Dealer branded pre-paid VISA cards deliver high engagement, high recall and are great conversation starters immediately after the sale.

  • 3.5 transactions and brand impressions per $100 load
  • Great conversation starter
  • Load remotely in real-time, no paper work
  • Use for vehicle acquisition incentive, talent referral incentives
  • Use for promotions, contests, team rewards, sales bonuses

Includes Dealer Branded Digital Wallet

  • Touchless payments
  • 24/7 access to card
  • Check your balance
  • Lock your card
  • Facial recognition or fingerprint access
new FF Visa-dark

Calculate the Sales You’re Likely Missing

What results can you expect?

If you’re like our average dealer, given today’s gross margins and inventory shortage, you can expect the same or better results. Plug in your numbers.

Also run some numbers for your store assuming things get back to ‘normal’. Our calculations are based on over 10 years of sales and referral data.

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Gross Margin Calculator
Projected Monthly Performance
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It’s time to leverage existing relationships to get more new customers

We know how to find them and accelerate them straight through the purchase funnel directly to your store. There’s virtually zero competition for these buyers unlike the often expensive leads and poor conversions from marketplaces, social media, or anywhere else you compete with other dealers for eyeballs and clicks. Referrals are your secret competitive advantage and differentiator. Referrals can multiply your success by X. You decide by what factor.

There’s less selling, less negotiating and it’s less stressful for everybody.  Everyone is happier. And guess what?  When customers are happy they talk about you more and make more referrals.

So why not sell once and profit twice?

Get a head start.

Future-proof your dealership today.