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This isn’t your grandfather’s bird dog program

It’s far more sophisticated.  There’s predictive modelling based on your first party data, automation to eliminate tedious human tasks, no cheque-writing and virtually zero paperwork. And forget web-forms that are often rife with sketchy referrals.  Closing a happy referral has many other benefits.  There’s the ROI, but there’s more value and many other returns we deliver.

Missed Sales

Whether you have a referral program or not, you know sales hates asking and buyers hate being asked. We take the ask out of the referral and make it incredibly easy for the buyer to say yes. It's a completely opt-in program that gets results to the tune of 100,000 referrals that have generated over $5 billion in sales for our dealers.

High Cost, Poor Quality Leads

Between ad waste, the volume of poor quality leads, the time and expense it takes to follow-up and low conversion rates, your true cost per sale is not only difficult to calculate, but getting more and more expensive. We never charge for a lead. Only for a sale that closes.


We know. It's a bad word at some dealerships and with some agencies. With referrals there is no doubt. Someone sent a potential buyer directly to you. No questions asked. And when they buy you can attribute the sale with 100% certainty that it came from a member of your Friends & Family program. We track and record everything so you can see it. Full transparency. Schedule a demo to see for yourself.

Bad Leads Cost $883

According to a Cox Automotive study, every new car sale costs franchised dealers $883 in labor per vehicle sold. Chasing bad leads adds another expense and difficult to measure, and may even contribute to employee turnover. Referrals make sales associates more successful and dealers more profitable.

Inventory Carrying Costs

NCM reports that it costs $40/day to keep a new vehicle on the lot and $85/day for used. That's not an issue today, but when supply rebounds the implications are dramatic. If just 10 new vehicles sit on the lot for 30 days the cost to you is $12,000, more if you add used vehicles. At $3,300 gross per vehicle that's now up to $45,000 in lost gross. Referrals that close fast and every month help turn inventory.

Not Another Dashboard!

If you can't manage it, you can't measure it. From sales, admin and managers, total time per vehicle sold to use the platform is about 1 minute. You heard right. One minute. And in most cases you don't even have to log in. We send emails with *deep links* that by-pass login and take you directly to the screen you need to complete a task. No task takes more than 30 seconds. Some take less than 10 seconds. Ask for a demo.

Follow-up and Follow Through

Are sales staff consistently and diligently following up or are they wasting time in other non-productive pursuits? With Friends & Family Rewards you don't have to worry about follow-up and follow-though. We trigger highly personalized communications that continue to engage and encourage repeat behaviors and referrals after the sale.

Personalization at Scale

Forget cookie-cutter communications that prospects and buyers see right through. We use predictive modelling to dynamically create over 36,000 iterations of initial, secondary and other follow-up communications. You can't talk to an empty-nester like you talk to a young parent. This isn't your father's Oldsmobile and neither is our referral system.

Trust, CSI Scores and Google Reviews

Referred buyers already trust you because someone they know sent them to you. They are also happier buyers that spend more, haggle less and are more willing to tell their friends and family about their great experience.

Acquire More Inventory and Talent

Aside from creating brand advocates and generating positive word-of-mouth to drive referral sales, dealers can use our program to incentivize vehicle acquisition and talent recruitment efforts.

Screencaps From Our Video

If you missed it, watch it now.

Referral marketing done right gets results.

We can predict who not only who will buy, but will make a referral.

Performance based model.  We only get paid if and when you close a deal.

We monetize your happy buyers at scale and automate just about everything.

We create conversations that drive referral sales, improve CSI and Google Reviews.

Our platform kicks in to automate referrals every month.

Call or demo.  10 minutes well spent.  Promise.