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About ReturnCX

A history of delivering results for dealers
Re-inventing how to find and sell to your most profitable customers

ReturnCX is the engine that powers The Friends & Family Rewards Program©.  Founded in 2012 it is arguably the most successful referral and rewards system for the retail automotive industry.  To date we have helped over 100 dealers generate $3 billion in sales and over $200 million in operating profit.  We have paid out more than $10 million in rewards to over 100,000 delighted car buyers, their friends and their families.

In 2017 the company’s award-winning platform won the Gold Medal – PayBefore Awards for ‘Best Incentive Program’.  We are a trusted partner of VISA and MasterCard and some of the most successful franchise dealerships and dealer groups in North America making the program one of the automotive industry’s top performing marketing channels.

The program has proven to generate on average 16% of monthly vehicle sales for our dealers at less than half the industry average customer acquisition cost, while helping dealers build stronger relationships with their customers.

Our dealers consistently rank among the highest in customer satisfaction ratings amongst their peers.

As a recognized leader in the field, we have assembled a team with extensive experience in marketing, Customer Experience Management, software development, FinTech and data science.  We continue to invest and build innovative technologies that use big data, data modelling and machine learning to improve our platform that delivers powerful consumer insight and engagement tools that help our automotive dealers understand and develop better relationships with their customers.

Our singular goal is to help dealers and their sales teams not just make their month, but exceed it, every month –  by selling more cars at a proven lower cost per sale and at consistently higher margins.  And the real magic is doing it while delighting buyers with an exceptional customer experience.